Avoid circumcision

Male circumcision consists of the amputation of the foreskin.

Scarred and dry skin due to circumcision

Amputation = irreversible loss

The foreskin protects the glans (penis's "head") from abrasions, keeping it lubricated. After circumcision, it becomes dry and unprotected.

Doctor who treats phimosis without circumcision

The best approach

Diligent doctors lean towards preserving the foreskin, resorting to circumcision only when strictly necessary.

Happy couple after phimosis treatment


Keeping the penis whole, you ensure its adequate lubrication and the preservation of important (and erogenous) nerve endings.

The solution should not be worse than the problem!

Phimosis can be a truly disabling issue… but before accepting to undergo something as drastic as circumcision, it is important to search for a safe and effective alternative.

Stretching device

Manufactured in medical grade stainless steel, Glansie has been specially designed for the progressive enlargement of the foreskin opening.

Manufactured in Japan

High quality standards and design characteristics that make all the difference: click on the images below to learn more about Glansie.

Our history

Glansie can now be bought from anywhere in the world. But it hasn't always been this way...

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    After years of development, Glansie is launched in Japan.

  • Glansie's expansion



    Glansie becomes available in other Asian countries.

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    Under continual improvement, Glansie is introduced in the USA.

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    Glansie becomes a best-seller also in many European countries.

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    Wherever you are

    Enough with phimosis!

Instructions for use

Using Glansie is very easy and hassle-free.


Results are obtained gradually. Using too much force to try to speed up the process may cause problems.


Get rid of phimosis in the comfort of your home.


There is no mention of the words "Glansie" or "phimosis" neither on the outside of the package nor on your card statement.

Full support

We are committed to answering any and all questions, without exception: our e-mail support will be with you for as long as necessary.

Satisfaction guarantee

If after one week of correct use you do not notice a positive difference, we will refund 90% of the total price paid.

Right to reconsider

If you change your mind before receiving the product, all you have to do is refuse delivery. In this case, a full refund will promptly be issued. Please note that Glansie belongs to a category of products which are not suitable for return after having been used.

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Don't forget to seek advice of your physician with any questions you may have about a medical condition.


Phimosis is the impossibility or difficulty of exposing the "head" of the penis. The head of the penis is called the glans, and the skin that covers the glans is called the foreskin. Phimosis is due to the so called phimotic ring, a tight band of fibrous tissue at the end of the foreskin.

Virtually every boy is born with phimosis, which in most cases resolves itself spontaneously throughout childhood. It is estimated that up to 5% of adult males have some degree of phimosis.

There are two main benefits of allowing the foreskin to be fully retracted:

  • the chance of infection and irritation under the foreskin is almost zero (as long as proper hygiene is maintained);
  • sensitivity of the penis is drastically improved, increasing arousal and pleasure during sexual intercourse.

Yes, phimosis can be either physiological (from birth), or pathological (due to lesions or infections that cause the formation of small scars, hardening or tightening the foreskin).

No possibility at all. Once the glans is exposed you should retract the foreskin regularly (at least once a day). This will ensure that phimosis does not recur.

Yes, it is normal. The foreskin is attached on the underside of the glans. The attachment is called the frenulum.

No, phimosis does not affect penis size.



The size of penis does not matter. But the opening of the foreskin must be at least 6 mm (such a tight degree of phimosis is very rare).

Glansie can always be used against physiological phimosis. In the case of pathological phimosis, it can be used on the condition that:

  • preexisting infections are non longer in course;
  • there are no open lesions in the foreskin.

Some slight pain is inevitable while the foreskin is being stretched. This is just like the pain felt in the sides of the mouth if you try to stretch your mouth wide using two fingers. The pain should be moderate, easily bearable. If you feel too much pain after a few minutes, release Glansie for a few seconds to allow the pain to subside.

No, there is no problem because Glansie does not lengthen the foreskin, it just stretches the foreskin widthwise.

You should start to see results within a week or two. Generally it will take a few weeks to cure phimosis completely, however there is a wide variation between people.

Yes, this is normal during stretching of the foreskin. You need to continue using Glansie until the retraction of the foreskin is smooth and comfortable.

Why Glansie

Yes, other products available are silicone rings and latex balloons.

Silicone rings: this method involves inserting a silicone ring inside the phimotic ring and replacing it with progressively larger rings over the course of weeks and months. There is a good variety of such products on the market, ranging all the way from cheap earlobe stretchers made in China to expensive tuboids made in Italy.
Latex balloons: an empty latex bladder is positioned between the foreskin and the glans, and inflated using a syringe plunger. As far as we know, there is only one manufacturer of such a device currently on the market.

In order to work, silicone rings or tuboids have to be worn all day long. But, unlike earlobes, the foreskin is an extremely thin piece of tissue with a dense network of nerves and blood vessels: wearing them for extended periods of time tends to limit or even interrupt blood flow, which is why some users end up complaining of burning sensations in their foreskin. Such sensation is the result of neuropathy (nerve cell damage): as the cells begin to suffer from the lack of blood flow, they send pain signals to the brain which are perceived as a burning sensation. Glansie does not present this problem, as it doesn't need to be used for more than two 15-30min daily sessions.

The flexibility of latex is not a desirable characteristic when the objective is to stretch the phimotic ring. Trying to inflate the balloon with higher air pressure does not help much, and increases the chance of bursting it.

Its main advantages are:
Hygiene: the strictly non-porous surface of medical-grade stainless steel (which makes it very difficult for bacteria, mold and microorganisms to adhere and survive) and its easy cleanability make it the obvious choice of material.
Strength: in many cases, only the unsurpassed tensile strength provided by steel is what is able to overcome the resistance imposed by a more rigid phimotic ring.


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