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How to Use Glansie

Using the patented Glansie you will be able to stretch the foreskin naturally, gradually exposing the head of the penis. You will notice improvement within a week or two, but depending on the degree of phimosis you should allow several more weeks for a complete cure. To find out how to order glansie please click here, or read below about how to use the device:

Step 1: Insert the tip of  Glansie into the opening of the foreskin

The first day

Hold Glansie in one hand. Use the fingers of the other hand to open the foreskin sufficiently to insert the tip of the Glansie.

Insert the tip of Glansie into the opening in the foreskin. 5 mm insertion is enough. Squeeze gently on the handles of Glansie to stretch the foreskin as much as you feel comfortable with.

Sometimes the head of the penis is very sensitive having been covered by the foreskin. Be careful when inserting Glansie.

Step 2: Stretching the foreskin

After a week

Each time you use Glansie insert the tip gently and squeeze the Glansie with one hand to stretch the foreskin.

Hold the foreskin with the thumb and index finger of the other hand to make sure that Glansie doesn't fall out.

You need to stretch quite hard, but not so hard as to be painful. Continue this process for about 30 minutes, observing the status of the preputial ring. It can be expanded and contracted alternately.

We recommend using the Glansie for 30 minutes each morning and evening, never use for more than an hour at a time. Normally the head of the penis will be exposed within 2-3 weeks.

Be careful not to loosen your grip of Glansie, because its tip may catch the glans. On the other hand, if you apply too much strength it is possible you may hurt your skin. It is essential not to hurry.

Step 3: Exposing the head of the penis (the glans)

Gradually you will expose the head of the penis. You can then uncover the head by pulling the foreskin towards the root of the penis. Initially you will only be able to do this when the penis is flaccid, not when it is erect.

When the glans has just been exposed, the preputial ring will still be very tight. Pulling back the foreskin will help stretch the preputial ring further, but don't leave it retracted. It is important that you put the foreskin back, especially before going to bed.

There have been cases where sleeping with the head of the penis exposed resulted in paraphimosis, where the foreskin cannot be put back. Paraphimosis is an emergency situation as it can cut off the blood to the head of the penis.

Step 4: Making the foreskin fully retractable

So far you have used Glansie to expose the head of the penis but the preputial ring will still be tight. There are two good methods of completing the stretching of the foreskin to allow it to be fully and comfortably retracted:

The erection method. The first method is to use the erection of the penis to stretch the preputial ring. Retract the foreskin while the erection starts. If further expansion is needed, try pulling the preputial ring down your penis. This should produce good results because the shaft is thicker at the middle than just under the glans.

The finger method. The second method is to stretch the preputial ring using your fingers. Insert both of your index fingers into the preputial ring and stretch to both sides. Repeat this process about 30 minutes a day for two weeks or so.

Once the glans is exposed you will find that it is very sensitive even being irritated by the friction from underwear This is quite normal and it will take some six months for the glans to reduce in sensitivity. At the beginning only pull back the foreskin when necessary, don't leave it in this state.

Glansie has been used by well over 3000 customers, with 99% of them succeeding in achieving complete exposure of the glans.

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